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How do I center the top main navigation menu on the page?


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Dear @bwilbo

Please do kindly share your website link so that we can provide custom CSS styles code. 


Best regards,


Thank you for the quick response. I'm currently hosting it offline to develop, I'll comment here again with a link when I have it up and running online

Thank you





Hi, me again! I've got my site online now, I was hoping you could help me with these two problems please?
1. URL colour on pages and in blog posts is the same as the rest of the font. How do I fix that?
2. The thumbnails for jetpack gallery mosaic view are pixelated. I've tried the regenerate thumbnails plugin and the quick load settings but they haven't helped.

My website is:
Thank you for your help.



Dear @bwilbo,

In order to change the colour of links in blog detail or page single to go Dashboard > Appearances > Customizer > Additional CSS styles & paste the below CSS style code there. 

.cb-editor-contents-entry a {

color:red; // regular colour for links

.cb-editor-contents-entry a:hover {

color:blue; // link colour when mouse is placed. ( Hover color )

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with.

Thank you.


That is fantastic, thank so much! I spent a while trying to understand the code to do it myself but didn't manage it.

Thank you 🙂


Thanks a lot. Have a great time. 

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