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[Closed] Missing Caption for Featured Images? Pls help  



Hey there! I am an avid lover of Cream Blog Free and use it for the newspaper website for my university- but every time we post a featured image the caption is missing! Having a caption is vital for giving our photographers the credit they deserve, and also helps further explain the purpose of the image

We type in the caption and description while the post is in draft form, but when we publish or preview, the caption disappears. Is there any way to do a caption for featured images in Cream Blog Free?

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Hello Ysab,

Perfect timing. I will let you know the Good news in a while.

First, I would like to check your website post. Is it possible to let us know your website address?





Of course! Here is a link to our website to a recent post:

Both posts are missing the featured caption. Feel free to check out other articles- all of them display the same problem where we write a caption in the draft, but it disappears when we publish it. 

Thank you so much for your response! Any and all help is appreciated!


Dear Ysab,

I apologize for my mistake. I read your topic wrong. I actually read "featured image" as images in the blog post article. I thought that you were talking about the figure caption on post images ☹️ I am sorry. 

I was about to inform you that we were working on an update for the Cream Blog. This update would fix the common problem that Cream Blog is having with the Gutenberg editor. A few issues were like a caption for post images, alignments, spacing etc.

Earlier, we had no to add a caption for featured image but as you have requested this feature we will be adding in an upcoming update. I am sure this will make you happy.

We wish we could deliver this update as fast as possible but there are plenty of works to do. This gonna take some time. You have to wait for approximately 1 month. 


Hope this helps. 


Thanks & regards,


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