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[Closed] Stopping header posts from appearing below  



The posts that are featured in the slider at the top of the home page appear again in the grid below. How can I stop this?



3 Answers

Hello Kingsly,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are regret to inform you that, the problem is unavoidable. For the banner, we have got an option to select a category. The posts that are displayed in the banner section will also be displayed below the posts section. If you've multiple categories and have different posts for different categories, this problem might be insignificant.

For now, we are sorry that this problem do not have a solution.

Best regards.


Thanks -- is this a problem that can be avoided in the pro version of the theme?


Dear @Kingsly,

Please be informed that it is not possible in pro version too. If you really need this option we can provide theme customization service in some extra fee. Let us know if you really need that feature & willing to pay for customization. 





OK, thanks.

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