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[Solved] How can I disable the mask being applied to the header area?  



How can I disable the mask being applied to the header area?

3 Answers

Dear @spookytay

Thank you for your question. Please follow below instruction to disable or control header mask in cream blog theme. 

Please do kindly copy the code below & paste it to Dashboard > Apperence > Customizer > Basic customization > Additional CSS 


.header-style-3 .mask, 
.header-style-4 .mask,
.header-style-5 .mask {

 Here, if you want to adjust mask you can try,


The front three 0,0,0 is equivalent to colour #000000 which means pure black & last 0.1 refers to opacity level. 

Do kindly let me know if you get a hard time while pasting this code. 



Support team


Thank you! 

I think it's a great idea to be able to dim the image, you know, for text to pop out more and such, but for my use, it's not what I needed.

Just a suggestion, a toggle switch to enable/disable the mask in the customizer would be a nice feature.


Dear @spookytay,

Yes for sure, we will have these options in an upcoming update for cream blog pro :).

Thank you very much for your suggestion.  


Regards, support team

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