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I want to customize Cream Blog Pro theme similar to Cream Blog lite version  



Fonts used in the Cream Blog Lite version are really good. And I want to replicate similar fonts on Cream blog pro version but I don't know, which fonts are used in the lite version. Can anyone help me with this issue? Also the post summary showed on home page are in box shape in lite version. I want to replicate this also.

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Hello Ravindra, 

This is a demo of cream blog lite:

Below are the fonts used in Cream blog lite: 

1. For Heading - Oswald 

2. For Body & Text - Poppins 

3. For meta (Posted by etc) - Pacifico 


You can change the blog post layout in Cream Blog Pro from Dashboard > Appearances > Homepage Customization > Blog Posts > 5th layout & click publish. 

Hope this helps. 




Thank you for your kind reply.

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