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[Closed] Import Demo not working  



Import Demo (I tried twice) gives an error "Not found (404)". I have installed and activated all required plugins.

Wordpress 5.3 and Cream Blog Pro 1.1.8.

Thanks for any assistance. I also sent an email to support.

As I proceeded without the aid of a demo, to try out the customizer features of the therme, I noticed in the Media Library bunch of photos that looked like they came as part of the demo import. So if that's correct, then the demo's photo import did work at least somewhat, before being incomplete or failing at some other step.

In case that's useful in figuring out what's wrong.

Another clue about how far the import succeeded is that the demo categories appeared when I went to edit categories -- Travel, Fashion, etc. But there were no Posts or Pages.

Sorry, one more comment: The documentation states that sometimes parts of the demo import will fail, and that in those cases the solution is to configure the missing elements "manually." I would gladly do this, if I had a reference. Is there a reference? Thank you.

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Hello John,

Thank you for your kind feedback. We totally agree with you. We will soon be working on a documentation guide to making it more informative. 

Regarding Gutentor, yes it is a third party plugin. You can skip using that if you would not like to have custom blocks. 

Gutentor Canvas is simply a page template where header & footer from the theme is not used. Using Gutentor Canvas page template you can easily go solo with Gutentor blocks top to bottom without default theme header & footer section.

I hope this helps. 



Hello John,

We apologize for the late response. And thank you for your comments. We appreciate it very much.

We read your mail. We tried to import the demo contents of 5 and 8 demos. The demos contents successfully imported. 

We do not know what went wrong when you tried to import demo contents. 404 error occurs when a resource could not be found.

Could you tell us if the demo import fails for 5th and 8th demos or for other demos too? When the demo fails, could you check the log file which is inside "Media" on your WordPress dashboard? The log file contains the actions that happen during the import of demo content. Could you send us the contents of the log file at It would be helpful.

Best regards.


Hi, thanks for the reply,

I did not have WP Debug turned on. Nevertheless, I'm attaching the log from my hosting provider -- it looks like there's some data connected to the attempted import on Dec 6.

I am a little reluctant to try again with Debug on, because I've come pretty far in figuring out the formatting, and I've imported a bunch of posts from another WP site, so cleaning out the demo, if it is successful, is a lot of extra work I'm not sure I need now. Does that make sense?




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Hello John,

Thank you for your response. 

We will go through the log file later & improve demo importer if required. We tried to import demos & all worked fine in our end. We only recommend importing demo data only in the fresh WordPress. 

Yes, I agree with you. Demo data is just intended to help users to get started quickly with some dummy pages, posts, media & categories. By skipping this part you still can easily build your website just like the demo. If you already have pages, posts, categories, media it is always better to ignore importing demo data contents. 

You will find all the layout, colour, typography & other options at customizer. We do have few widgets at Dashboard > Appearances > Widgets. 

I think this helps. 

Please feel free to ask us questions if you need any help later.

Have a great day.



Thank you! I'm enjoying the theme so far.  As with many themes that leverage a third-party block system (in your case, Gutentor) I think the documentation could do a better job of laying out the basic options for Home and for regular pages, making clear what options are within Customizer and which are in the block system. Also reminding people to choose the preferred page template.

By the way, what is "Gutentor Canvas?"

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