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[Solved] Menu on Mobile Does Not Work  




I am using the pro version of the cream blog. But when I go to my webpage on my cell phone (iPhone), the mobile menu does not work. It will drop down, but it will not connect me to any of my pages. I tried to uninstall all of my plugins, but that did not fix the problem. I then tried a new theme, and that did fix the problem. That indicates to me that the issue is therein with this theme. What can I do to fix my mobile issue? And if it cannot be fixed, can I get a refund?

Thanks so much.

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Dear @deargentlebookworm,

Thank you for your response. 

Sometimes due to cache even after updating theme to new version changes takes time to reflect. 

Now your menu should look exactly like this demo:

You may see "X" icon at menu bar when you are in customizer mode but ignore that that will not harm your website when you publish the changes from customizer. Finally "X" icon will not be visible at front-end of your website. 

Do kindly let us know if the issue of menu at mobile has been solved?


Thanks, support


Well, nevermind. That appears to have sorted itself out. Thanks!


Dear @deargentlebookworm,

Thank you for reporting an issue.

Can you please let us which version have you been using of cream blog pro theme?


Dear @deargentlebookworm,

I would like to let you know that our developers are working to fix menu issue for ios devices & you will receive an update once we fix the problem. 


Thank you,


Thank you so much! It is version 1.0.7. 


Dear @deargentlebookworm,

Thank you for the information. We are working on it & will be releasing updated version 1.0.8 within 48 hours. 



Great, thanks! I appreciate how quickly you handled the situation. 


Dear @deargentlebookworm,

Kindly be informed that we have released an update for cream blog pro. The current stable version is v.1.0.8. Please do kindly update your cream blog pro theme. 

Additional info:

In version 1.0.8 following things are added & fixed: 

- Fix: Responsive menu bug for ios devices ( iphones ) [ CHARLIE ]
- Added: Typography open for banner section
- Added: Typography option for post titles
- Added: Typography option for widget & section titles


Please be informed that once you update cream blog pro theme to latest version 1.0.8 you may also lose your typography/font settings that you have currently. Do kindly check your fonts. If you notice reset, do kindly set your fonts back from Dashboard > Customizer > Typography options 

Lastly, we would like to thank you for reporting an issue. Please let us know if a menu issue has been fixed on your iPhone. 


Have a great day. 


Thanks, support team



Yes, but now the menu on the desktop site is wonky. It has the faint outline of an X on it. And half of the tabs are setting up above the other tabs. 


Hi I am having the same issue and my version of the theme is up to date. The menu does not show for mobile or tablet. How can I fix this?

Sorted out by disabling WP mega menu plugin

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