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[Closed] Site Title and Tag Line Doesn't Show Up  



Hello! I've been trying for days with this issue but can't seem the site title and tag line to show up. I followed doc with no luck. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello @abmks,

Great. It looks like it was either a cache or transients issue. We were about to invite you to live chat for further troubleshooting ? 

Marking this thread as solved.

Have a great day.

Best regards,



Dear @abmks


Please do kindly specify the following: 


1. Are you using cream blog pro? 

2. If you are using cream blog pro then which header layout have you activated? 





Yes, I'm using the Cream Blog Pro. I wanted to use the header layout #5, but I tried all of them and it doesn't work for me.


Dear @abmks


I just tested it in header layout 5, both the site title & tagline is working fine. 

Can you please double check under the customizer >  Basic Customization > Header text colour is not white? Can I please have a link of your website too.

If the colour seems to be any other colour rather then white kindly let us know the version of cream blog pro that you are using.

FYI: Latest version of cream blog pro is 1.1.5. 





The header text color is not white, only the background. The version is 1.1.5.

Here's my site



Hi ASchae,

When we inspected your site, we could not find the site title and tagline. Have you set the Site Title and Tagline? Please confirm it by navigating to Appearance > Customize > Basic Customization > Site Identity. Also check on 'Display Site Title and Tagline'.

Best regards.

I did all of that. The "display site title and tagline" is checked. What I don't understand is I used this header layout with my other blogs and it worked but not on this one. I even compared and made the settings in my dashboard and theme customization area with my other blogs the same and still the site title doesn't show up.



I got it worked. I went to Basic Customization -> Site Identity and upload a Logo --> Published then refreshed the page.  Title still didn't show up. 

Then removed the logo and refreshed again. Repeated it twice before it worked.

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