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[Closed] top menu bar color  



How do you change the top menu bar color from hot pink, if using any of the big slider banners on Home page?

I changed Customizer > Color customization > Menu color to dark green, but it only applied to home page menu bar. All other pages are still hot pink.

Thanks for any advice.

4 Answers

Cheers John. 



The menu bar does turn green when it hits the "sticky" point while scrolling up. But it starts out hot pink.

One other question: If you check out the site at I am getting a margin all around the outside of the page (in Chrome). But your demos are borderless and go right to the window edge. Let me know if you want me to open a separate thread for this topic.



Hello John,

Thank you for your questions. 

Let me answer all the questions one by one below. 

Header top colour:

I believe we do not have this option in cream blog pro. Here are examples: & . We may add this option in future updates. 


Header layout 1 menu bar colour:

We just released an update to fix that bug. Please install the update once it is available at your dashboard. 


Margin around the page:

It looks like you have set a dark green background colour for the body. Please switch that to default or #ffffff ( pure white ) colour if you wish to have full wide page layout from Dashboard > Customizer > Basic customization > Color. 


Hope this helps. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

Have a great day.



Thank you -- I got the update and the color is fixed. Awesome.

Also, I think part of my problem on the Homepage header was the image was being scaled oddly so that it was cut off on the edges. I uploaded a bigger image (and changed my background to #ffffff) and now the page fills the browser window.  I'll try to troubleshoot the original image.

Thanks again.

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