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After "Import Demo Content" my Website is down and not reachable  



I have 2 questions.

I installed Cream magazine for testing and I loved it right away, but since then I've installed the other free demo under "Import Demo Content" my site does not work anymore, you can not call it, and no matter what I do, even if I do Uninstall the theme and reinstall my web site does not appear. Error message: "Redirect error." The called website redirects the request so that it can never be terminated. "

What did I do wrong?

Can someone please explain why this is and how I can fix the problem?

My second question:
I am a german and i need the german language, can i use the Theme in german translate or have you some Dokus or so in german language?


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Dear @cem

Your website shouldn't go down then you import demo data. I believe there could be possibily any other problems. We can check this for you if you visit us by Live chat. 


Regarding German translation, I am sorry we do not have that in Cream blog lite. If you are looking for German translated theme then you can switch to Fascinate blog . You can find more information about Fascinate here:  





How can i visit the live chat?


You can visit here:


i dont understand what is email chat, after demo import my site  www.yeni-tü is down and nobody can help me, what a theme

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