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[Closed] Can't add/change widgets - please help  



I would like to use your free theme for my website [ link removed ] It's just a bit of fun website, not for profit. I have trawled google but I really can't work out what the problem is here, I hope you can help. 

I would like to edit the layout and/or options of the widgets in your theme. When I go to the widget editor it only allows me to edit the widgets in the side bar and footer. I cannot change the main widgets. Are they locked? Normally I would expect to be able to at least change the settings (which category to display, for example). The main problem is that at the moment you see the same posts twice on the front page (the latest posts). I would like to change it so the main bit shows latest posts whilst the lower widget shows categorised posts or something else.

Is there any way to do this? I've tried changing to a static front page but still it won't let me put widgets. I hope I was clear in my explanation. Happy to provide further info if needed. 

Many thanks in advance. 


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Dear @robdonn


Your question seems to be very confusing. We invite you to Live chat support. Kindly let Live chat support know that you had too posted at support forum. Please share this link when you are at chat support. 




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