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[Closed] Cream Magazine Theme Banner/Slider Issue  



Have Good Day,

I'm working on a website ( ), and the banner/slider portion of the Cream Magazine theme isn't working properly. This banner layout has 2 columns where the first left column is in slider type, that's work properly and the right column shows the posts in 2*2 matrix form. I don't know, how can I publish a post on that area. I'm not even getting the options to change the layout.




Amit Amoli

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2 Answers

Hello Amit,

Thank you for dropping the issue. Actually it is not an issue. You must have selected particular categories in the Appearance > Customize > Home Customization > Banner/Slider. Also you must have set the number of posts for the slider via "Banner/Slider Posts Number " option. The "Banner/Slider Posts Number" option sets the number posts only for slider part. Under selected categories, you must have total number of posts greater than ( no. of items for slider part + 4 ).   4 is the no. of items on the right side of the slider part. 

Suppose you've 6 no. of posts under the selected categories. If you've set 2 in "Banner/Slider Posts Number" option, then you'll see 2 posts in the slider part and also see remaining 4 items in the right side of the slider. But if you've set 4 in "Banner/Slider Posts Number" option, then you'll see 4 posts in the slider while 2 items on the right.

I hope, with this explanation, we've solved your issue.

Best regards.


Thank you so much, now my problem is solved 



Amit Amoli

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