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How to change the banner/slider layout to single image?  



Hey there, I'm new to Cream Magazin (Free). I'm trying to change the banner/slider layout as told in the documentary to the single image banner. But I couldn't find any menu in the costumizers "Banner/Slider"-section. Is it a Pro-Feature?

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Hello Oliver,


Sorry, we could not get your question. For managing the Banner/Slider options, please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Homepage Customization > Banner/Slider. The images displayed in the Banner/Slider come from the posts. The selected category or categories for the Banner/Slider should have posts that have featured images. Remember to set the featured image.


Best regards.


Thank you for your fast reply!

Please take a look at the screenshot: I'm trying to select a different Banner/Slider-Layout as I learned from the Theme-Documentation (left). But actually there's no menu for it in my costumizer (right).

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Hello Oliver,

Did you get the above screenshot from the cream magazine documentation page? All the banner layout except layout five are in the pro version. I understand our documentation is quite confusing.

If you wish to have a single slider you can upgrade to the pro version from here:  




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