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[Closed] How to create a widget for popular or featured posts in the free version  





I faced a problem when using the free Cream magazin theme and could not get any support here....

When looking around I came across another themes documentation and they solved the problem in a pretty smart way,

which brought me to the idea to use that formyself. Here is what the idea is about.

The free version does not offer popular posts widgets or one for a special, featured post/posts, but obviously it make sens

to have those on your homepage.

What I do is this, I look up the 3,5, or 10 most popuar posts by using my Google account, once selected, I put those posts in Wordpress in

a category named "Popular" and they will show up nicely. Of course you need to do that every week/month depending on your settings.

Its a bit work and the post will show up in date order instead of real numbers, but that works fine for me.

With the featued posts its the same, just select those posts you want to feature, or the one post you want to highlight, put it in a category

named "featured" or "Post of the week" and choose that category in your widget. Thats it and you have a highlite post or some featured

once, works good with a big image as a highlite or 3-5 smaller once as a featured.

Hope I could help some of you, I use it at my website if you want to check that out,

the update will go live at the next weekend,

greetz, Azid

1 Answer

Hello Azid 😀,

You really made my day 😀 🤣 . I must say you are really smart & hard working. 

I agree with your solution. I hope other users using Cream Magazine will also like this idea 😆. 

I am closing this topic. Thanks for sharing. This made my day 🥰🤣

Have a great day.



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