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I just downloaded Cream Free version 1 month ago and have fund using it, all seems working fine so far.

Using the online documentation is a bit fuzzy as it is a bit different then my version, seems to be made for the pro-version, anyway it helps a bit.

I came across a few things I couldN´t solve myself so far, hope to get help here in the forum.


1. I´m using the CM Full news widget in the upper newssection of the startpage, it cleary says in the widget in german:

"Wenn keine Kategorie ausgewählt ist, werden die letzten Beiträge angezeigt."

that means if you leave the category empty it will show the last posts......

I tried it and it fails always, since 1 month... If I leave it blank or "Choose category" inside, the widget will not appear after

saving and reloading, but it will be visible and works fine if I choose a category.

I would like to use it as a general "whats new" section so leaving cat's free would be good...... any Idea?


2. Can one adjust the widgets background colour or is that a premium feature?

3. Can I adjust the typo?

4. Is there a way to display the popular posts, I only see widgets for "newest, freshest" but not popular ones...?

5. Is there a way how to show the number of visits of each post? Some theme offer that...


thanks a lot for any help, any idea is appreciated,

greetings from Munich, germany,



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Hello Amir,

Thank you reaching out. Here are your answers:

1. If you do not set a category for a widget, then it will show the latest posts. So for most of the news widgets that we have if you will get latest posts when you do not set a category.

2. Yes, widget's color option is a premium feature.

3. Typo feature is also a premium feature. But very soon basic typo feature is coming on the new update.

4. We also want to have a feature to display posts on the base of popularity. But what could be the parameter that could set a post as a popular? Parameter could be on the basis of views, like, comments, also could be related to time. It is quite complicated. Also it is a plugin territory functionality. It can not be included in the theme's code.

5. Yes, post views count could be displayed. But it is also a plugin territory functionality. It can not be included in the theme's code.


I hope you get your answers and we were able to answer them.


Best regards.




thanks a lot for your fast reply, I´m very happy with your answers 2-5, but answer no.1 does not help me.

I already tried to leave the category blank (it shows "choose category" then). But then you will not see anything in the frontend, not even the widget, nothing, only if I select a cat. it will work.... what can be the mistake? Here is a screenshot, maybe that helps....

I also checked the Themebeez Toolkit plugin, deactivating and activating it but no difference at all,

whenever I set the cat. to "choose cat" it will not work and the frontend does not show the widgets content....

any further ideas?

greetz, Azid


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no answer from your side after 6 days of waiting....

sad to see that


Hello Azid,

We are sorry for the late response. I just want to know, if you've set a static front page? If you have not, please create a home page. While creating a home page on the right of editor, under section "Page Attributes", please select "Home" for "Template" option. Then navigate to Settings > Reading. Then check on "A static page" then select the page that you've created as a "Homepage".

I guess this might have been helpful to you.

Best regards.




yes I have the homepage set as described, thats not the problem.....

Do you want to take a personal look at my dashboard? Might make it easier for you?

Let me know and we will fix a date and time,




Hello Azid,

Please send us the link of your website. After taking a look at it, we'll let you know if we need to log into your dashboard.


Best regards.


Hello Support,


did you get my mail yesterday? I've send you the URL already....

any news for me so far? Did you take a look, do you want to look closer....


To be honest I´m happy not to have a real heavy problem, the site is running,

because your answer time is killing me already..., but yeah it's a free theme and support,




I found a solution for myself how to create a widget with popular post or a stand alone "Featued post"

Got that idea when lookig in another themes documentation and think its a great way to solve that problem without the need to buy a Pro

version or.....

I will post the idea in the forum for others who might face the same problem.

Our redesigned website will go live at the weekend, with Cream Theme then,

faster and better then before we hope, take alook if you like...


Azid -

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