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Hi guys just after some help with the section to the right of the sliding banner.. When i imported the demo content, it populated with 4 tiles to the right of the sliding banner.

After I deleted these posts, i'm not sure now to how to get content back in this section.

Right now i've got the sliding banner, and then recent posts and the side bar down below it.. which looks sort of weird.

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Hello JM9L1,

Please do kindly select at least two categories for image banner slider/four titles from customer > banner option. Make sure you have a minimum of 4 posts in each category you selected at customizer. 

This should help you to bring back those four posts tiles at the banner section. 



Thanks for that, i've selected 3 categories - and 1 post has appeared next to the banner.. Hopefully the others come through also.


Just had 2 other questions - not sure if i would need to make another thread.

But is it possible to show excerpts on on the home page?

Is it also possible to have the banner images link to their posts when clicked? at the moment only my titles are clickable in

the banners


Hello JHL91,

In your banner settings, the option 'Banner/Slider Posts Number' only works for slider part. If you've a category selected and the category has say 5 number of posts, then set value of the option 'Banner/Slider Posts Number' to 1 then other four posts will be automatically seen at the right side of slider.

It is possible but showing the excerpt to all of the homepage widgets will make the design messy. But if it is about this page, , then it is possible.

The post title, posted date, post author and post category(ies) are displayed as overlay and there are some space around them. When the title is lengthy, it covers the image. Due to these kinds of factor, we've not made banner images clickable.

I hope you got the idea. If there is anything else, be free to ask us.

Best regards.


Thank you for that - i have got the recent posts displaying correctly.


Could you please let me know how i can get the excerpt to show? on the home page recent posts? cheers

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