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[Closed] Excerpt words is not displayed at Cream Magazine Pro Blog Page  



Hallo, I don't get an extract of the text on my blog page. It's just author, date and all. Wordpress has been set 15 words. But it doesn't work. What is it and who can help me?

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Hello webTsign,

I inspected your site and I found that you've used the widget which was designed for the sidebar or footer. Since the widget was designed for sidebar or footer the text that you've expected was not there from the beginning. Here are some examples on where widgets can be placed:

- CMP posts widget is supposed to be placed at sidebar or footer widget area.

- CMP author & CMP social widget is supposed to be placed at sidebar or footer widget area.

- CMP Half: News widget should be placed at the Home middle area ( This area has sidebar at left/right )

- CMP Full: News widget should be placed at Top or bottom Home widget area ( Has no sidebar at right/left )


Although you can use widgets in different places other, the design may not blend well. Check our demos to see the widgets in action,

I hope this answers your question. If you've any questions and issues, do write us.


Thank you.

Best regards.


Thank you,

but I am about showing a part of the text or a certain number of words in the preview


Dear @webtsign

I do completely understand you but please be informed that the widget that you are using at Home Middle area belongs to sidebar/footer which does not have excerpt text. Please remove that widget & use any widgets with the name "CMP: Half .......... " for Home middle widget area. 

Looking forward to your reply. 

Best regards


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