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[Closed] How to change color of hyperlinks in Cream Magazine Pro?  



Hi, I just upgraded from Cream Magazine to Cream Magazine Pro today.

Previously, in the Cream Magazine theme, regardless of what theme color you chose, the color used for hyperlinks would always be orange, and when hovered the link text will turn black.

After upgrading, I realized that in Cream Magazine Pro, the color of hyperlinks and hovered hyperlinks is tied to whatever colors you set as your primary and secondary theme colors.

That's not an ideal situation for me, and I was wondering if it would be possible to change the hyperlink and hovered hyperlink colors separately from my theme colors.

Thank you for your time.

3 Answers

Hello CKraizzin,

Thank you for using our theme. As for your issue, we have that in mind. Currently, we can not provide you with a solution. But in the future, we'll release an update with an option to change the color of links. About the update release, we can not provide you with an estimated date because we are planning for the massive update of the theme. 

I hope you could wait for the update patiently. 

Thank you.
Best regards.


Thanks for the reply.

While we wait for the update, is there no way to manually change the color of links through Basic Customization > Additional CSS or something?


Hello CKraizzin,

Yes that can be done. Do you mind to let us know your website so that we can send you custom CSS code for that?

You can paste that custom CSS at Dashboard > Appearances > Customizer > Additional CSS. 



Thank you, but I used a guide somewhere and I think I've figured it out.

This seems to work when we paste it into Additional CSS.

a {
color: #FF3D00;

Thanks again; looking forward to the update release!


Hello CKraizzin,

For hover colour you can do something like this:

.the_content a:hover {

color: red; /* Change it to hex colour code */


Thank you!

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