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How to disable Banner/Slider ?  



If I do not "unable" Banner/Slider does not "disable" the Banner/Slider. It does not go away.

How do I disable both the Banner/Slider which is installed from start? Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards.

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Hello Ipn-cream, 

You can disable Banner/Slider from Dashboard > Appearances > Customizer > Homepage Customization > Banner/Slider. Please uncheck the enable slider/banner option & click publish button at customizer. 

Hope this helps. 



Thanks of your answer !
Of course I tried this ! Uncheck "enable". More than 2 hours various trials. Delete theme and acitivate again etc etc etc .... the slider /banner does not go away.

2nd mistake: it seems that it is not possible to show the newest posts on the slider. After choosing one category (as a test) it is not possible to switch back and show  all the new postings which have various catetgories.

I think your theme will not work. Wordpress 5.3 und php 7.3.

Do you have another magazine theme instead ?
I do not need a slider/banner. I need a simple 2-Column Layout, 1 Sidebar right.


Dear Ipn-Cream, 

Cream magazine pro works great with WordPress version 5.3 but will you please downgrade PHP version to 7.0 - 7.2. 

Let's see if this work. 



es you can see with screenshot the Banner/Slider is not enabled

but your Banner/Slider does not go away !

Attachment removed

Dear Ipn-Cream, 

Will you please downgrade your PHP version at your Web hosting server to 7.0 or 7.1. I believe Cream Magazine pro is not ready yet for PHP version 7.3. 

If downgrading PHP version still do not work, will you please send us your wp-admin login details at 



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