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[Closed] How to turn off sidebar for (a) particular pages and (b) all posts?  



I just started using Cream Magazine Pro today.

I have disabled the sidebar from (a) the Blog Page, (b) the Archive Page, and (c) the Search Page (using Customize » Advance Customization » Blog Page » Select Sidebar Position, etc.).

However, I would also like to control whether the Sidebar appears on (a) particular pages (e.g., About, Contact, and Privacy Policy) and (b) blog posts.

I haven't found a way to turn the sidebar off for these other pages/posts.

How do I do this?



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Dear @jimratliff

For new posts in future, you can check no sidebar checkbox every time you publish any posts. 




Hello Jim,

Regarding sidebar of individual posts and pages, you've to edit each pages, on right side under "Sidebar Position" option, select sidebar position 'None'. This will hide the sidebar on your posts and pages.

Best regards 


Thanks for your quick response!

It worked very well on pages, and it works well on individual posts.

I guess I need to change each post, which isn't a big problem because it's a new blog without many posts.

Looking forward, is there a way to change the default for new posts so that they don't have a sidebar?



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