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[Closed] How to upgrade from Standard to Pro version (with settings)  




i've been asked to support a friend in upgrading the cream magazine standard theme (with content, theme settings and some custom css within the customizer panel, no changes to the theme files) to the pro version. He has purchased the package already.
I'm familiar with wordpress in general on a technical level, but would like to make the upgrade as smooth as possible, taking over the settings from the standard version. As i have not found a documentation yet how to upgrade an existing and running site to "pro", could you tell how to do it best, what could go wrong, or point me towards the documentation for that, if it exists?

thanks for your help

2 Answers

Hello Snail,

We do not have an automated process to upgrade from free version to pro version in the Cream Magazine theme. You need to manually upload Pro version theme file & then activate it. 

We understand that you will be losing options from customizer & widgets from the widget area while switching theme but I don't think that would take long to re-configure those changes again if you already know the theme options & features. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.



thanks for the feedback - we've been able to do the transition now, it was a bit of walk until everything was in place again, but it worked ...

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