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[Closed] Image caption / copyright info on post-thumb  



Is there a way without hacking the theme files to output the caption or description field of a post image (on the front page as well as on a single-post page)?

Modifying the template files would be no problem, but if so, we'd want to do it the most maintainable and clean way ...

Purpose: we need to make copyright information / image sources visible along with the image and have added the information in the media manager for each image - it's just shown in the frontend.

thanks for your help


1 Answer

Hello Snail,

Thank you for your question.

It is always good to show proper sources and copyright information about the images used on a website. And we commend you for it.

Answering your question, I recommend you not to modify any theme templates but you can work on creating a child theme. You can override templates of parent theme with the help child theme. For more information on child theme, you can visit the link below. .


Best regards.

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