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[Sticky] Update plan for Cream Magazine Pro Version 2.0.0  



Hello there,

What would you like to have in update 2.0.0? Let's make that possible.


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Hi there,

as posted in several chat's to you there are a couple and realy "basic" things for Cream Magazine (Pro):

1. Could you please serve a sticky-menu-option? This is standard since a long time and should be served in any respetice theme without seting as a "pro-option".

2. The banner/slider 1 to 5  don't have any image-linking for the permalink. This will have the effect that no "clicks and taps" will have effect to open the post. This is absolute "standard"  too and this time a real mess in handling and UX!.

3. The option "post excert - excerpt length" don't work properly. I there is e.g. a value of "10 words" this will have no effect at runtime.

4. Based on point 3. above you should better use char-counts and not word-counts. This will help to calculate a better space-reserving and panel-calculation over the whole theme-grid.

5. In CM-Pro you serve some font-options, but no font-color-options. Yes, this could be done with customer-css, but this is not the way themes should work. Any additional CSS in webpage-designg is slowing down GTMetrix and Webpagetest-results and therefore google-ranking (as anyone know that speed is a particular ranking factor)

So for for today. As i talked with Eric in chat today this suggestions, plans and solutions take a lot of time on my side spending this for "free" to you 😉 Keep this in mind ....


Best regards

Rene-Manfred Bikardes

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