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[Sticky] Didn't found download link that I had purchased before Jun 20, 2018, What happened ?  


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December 9, 2018 9:23 PM  

We had upgraded our server & order management system few months ago. While moving from one order management system to other on our end, we lost few orders/purchases that were made before Jun 20, 2018. If are one who had purchased or themes before Jun 20, 2018 ( Royale news pro or Style blog pro/plus ) you may not see your purchased download at your member area page. If this is the condition on your case, do kindly contact us to re-enroll you to your previous download subscription. 

Please be informed that we have only lost your orders/purchase data on our newer order management system but we still have that data safe on our previous order management system. 

We also had send email notice to all respective users emails address to restore their subscription who had made purchase before Jun 20, 2018. Please be informed that no any old lost subscription will be restored if it is requested after Jun 20, 2019

Write us letting us know that you didn't found your downloads permission that you had made purchase before jun 20, 2018 from same email that you had used to purchase previously. We will definitely restore your subscription with-in 24 hours or as soon as possible.

Thank you, support team 


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