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[Sticky] Got image size issue at Cream blog theme  


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December 9, 2018 8:50 PM  

Cream blog free & cream blog pro theme both have different image size requirements. You can find information related to cream blog theme image sizes here at documentation page  

One more important fact, We have used lazy load in cream blog theme which will help your website to save bandwidth & load faster. While implementing lazy load we maintain aspect ratio for the all images. One important thing that you should keep that in your mind is to upload image size greater then we recommend.  Make sure you follow the image sizes properly.


Q. Got problem at some point even after following image size instructions, What should I do ? 

Try re-generating thumbnails again with the plugin called force re-generate thumbnails. You can download here . After installing plugin you can get option to re-generate thumbnails under Dashboard > Tools > Regenerate thumbnails & click on start generating. 

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