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[Sticky] How to install any premium theme after purchasing?  


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April 23, 2019 1:44 PM  

Please do kindly follow the steps below to install any themes:

1. Download premium theme file from an email that you got or from my account:  

2. If you are Mac device user make sure zip file does not extract automatically. We need zip file to upload

3. Login to your dashboard > Appearance > themes

4. Click Add new button at the top

5. At select input type, select the theme file from your computer. For example, if you had purchased Royale news pro then the file would be something like this ""

6. Once you select the zip theme file, click the upload button

7. It will be installed automatically. Once it is installed click activate

8. Now the theme has been installed. You can start to configure it. 


From this point, you may need a specific theme documentation guide. Kindly visit & click on theme guide that you had purchased. 


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