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[Sticky] Where do I get download link after payment is done?  


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April 23, 2019 1:52 PM  

Once you successfully make payment for the product, you will receive email from payment processor & us. Payment processor email will alert you for what you just paid & email from us contains thank you a message, download link along with the licence key. 

It may take usually max up to 30 min to get an order confirmation email from us. If in case you didn't receive our email, kindly check your spam folder too. If still, you do not receive email from us, kindly follow the steps below. 


1. Go to & download file from downloads. 

2. Generate your licence key from orders > licence manager 

3. Install the theme ( Instructions here )

4. Once the installation is done, kindly email us at to let us know that you didn't receive a purchase confirmation email. This will help us to troubleshoot our email server further. 

5. Done


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