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How to remove or hide the page title div entirely?  



Due to the sheer number of menu links involved in the website I am creating, I had to use a plugin that allows for a collapsible vertical menu to display in the sidebar. My problem is that I would like to hide or remove the div that contains the page title (not the site title), as it unnecessarily (for my purposes) pushes down the sidebar and by association the rest of the content.

Attempts to fix this with CSS and plugins are either ignored or only hide the text. Or in the case of the Elementor plugin, the title div can be hidden but the plugin settings mess up the sidebar menu dimensions.

What's the cleanest way to do this, if anything?

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Hello Amanda,

We would like to apologize for the late response.

Are you referring to the section below the primary menu? If yes, then just to let you know that the theme has been designed like that. The design can not be changed.

The Elementor plugin is a page builder. It works on a page template. By default, it requires the page template defined in a theme. If you want to require another page template, while you are creating or editing a page, on the right side under Page Attributes, there is an option to select a page template. But for your requirement, you should have a template that does not have the section below the primary menu and should have a sidebar and page content section. I'm afraid you can not find a template like that. So Elementor does not help you much.

There are two ways. First is, you create a child theme and override the page template. Second is, you can edit the page template file via theme editor. I would recommend you do the first than the latter.

I hope, you got what you're expecting. If you're finding it difficult, you can write to us here.

Best regards.

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