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Remove Pinterest Save button from site custom logo  



I have a custom image (my logo) added in the header of my site. I've also added some code into the footer.php file so that a Pinterest Save button appears on my site images. I know how to edit individual image code to remove the Save button on specific images - I've taken it off the Blog and Recipes link images on my homepage for example. But I can't figure out how I can access the image code for my header image to remove the Pinterest button from there too. Please could someone advise how this could be done? Thanks in advance. 

This topic was modified 3 months ago by amiia
1 Answer

Hello Amiia,

Thank you for getting in touch. I have written a JavaScript code for you here

Copy the code starting from <script> to ending </script> & paste it in the footer the same way you did to add the Pinterest button. I hope this will solve your problem. 

Let me know if this worked.


Thanks & regards,


Yes, this worked. Thank you.

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