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[Closed] Image dimensions  



what is the recommended image dimensions?

I have experimented with different sizes, now I'm trying out 1200 x 675 (16:9), but have also experimented with 1200x800.

What would you recommend for fast scalability on different sized screens?

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Dear @homie,


Thank you for posting here. Below are the image size & aspect ratio images

  • 800px by 450px – It is the most used thumbnail size. It is used in the blog/home page, archive/category page, search page, post widget and other areas.
  • 450px by 450px – This thumbnail size is used only for Related Posts section of Post’s Single.

Whereas, for slider/carousel having 3 posts we recommend an image of aspect ratio 4:3. Talking about full-width banner/carousel 16:9 aspect ratio image is best. 


Note: If you’ve switched theme, don’t forget to regenerate all the thumbnails. Otherwise, images will be displayed in undesirable sizes. Use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate thumbnails.


Hope this helps. 


Thanks & regards, 


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