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[Closed] Social Icon at top is missing & Can I use personalized font for post titles?  




hi have buy and installed the fascinate pro theme.

In the pro version i not found a social link (icon on top site) in customized template (there are in a free version).

and I'd like to know if it 's possible to add a personalized font on a title!

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Dear @simone-1,

Thank you for posting here. 

Fascinate pro version has seven header layouts & all header layouts do not have social icons at the top. Header layouts can easily be changed from Customizer. Please do kindly check Fascinate pro theme documentation here


Regarding font for the titles, Fascinate pro has more than 600+ Google Fonts available which also can be changed from customizer. Please let us know if you are planning to use a custom font that is not at Google Font library. We can help you with this too. 


Looking forward to your response. 


Best regards, 



Hello Eric, thanks for fast reply, the header are correct, i not enable DISPLAY SOCIAL ICONS on the header links.. sorry, but an other questions, it' possibile change the twitter (or other youtube/linkedin) on Etsy Icons (only change icons, on the customize template are not a problem if aer write twitter).

and for the font, yes there are more and more font on your themplates but my logo have SPECIAL VALENTINE font and not found similiar font, if you can help me to introduce this font i'm grateful, otherwise i find an alternative font.
my site are work in progress....

Best regards



Dear @simone-l,


That's fine with social icons. It happens sometimes. Below is my explanation for both of your queries. 

Etsy icon: All icons that you see at Fascinate pro theme comes from web icon font library. They are not simply images. We are using 3 icons font library at Fascinate pro

- Font Awesome 4

- Feather icons

- Themify 

Where Themify is not that in real use with-in theme itself & we will be removing that shortly. Taking about the Etsy icon, do it has a web version? If not we should 1st prepare that in web version & then use it in theme. I don't want to say it is not possible but this will result in the little bit to extra cost. We have to prepare a child theme for Fascinate pro in this case. 


Coming back to font Special Valentine for Logo, Question do you have web version for it? If not then we can prepare this too in web version first then include that at child theme for Fascinate pro. This will also result in some extra cost.


 Hope I was informative. Looking forward to your response. 


Best regards, 



ok, i will think about it and i will let you know in case!


Dear @simone-l,


Sure. You can check our Wordpress services page if you need further assistance in this case. Please do kindly feel free to request a custom quote anytime. 





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