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[Sticky] (Important Notice) Cream Magazine Version 2 Update  


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April 18, 2020 4:37 PM  

Hello folks ? ,


We recently released an update for Cream Magazine (both free & pro version) dated 17th April 2020. This update is a major upgrade that brings lots of improvements, customization & features on both versions (free & pro). Following are the latest version of Cream Magazine while writing this topic. 

  • Cream Magazine (Free version): 2.0.1
  • Cream Magazine Pro: 2.0.0


You may notice unexpected changes in your website after you update the theme to the latest version. You may feel that your website is broken. In case if you got unexpected issues after updating the Cream Magazine theme to the latest versions please do kindly follow the steps below. 



As soon as you update Cream Magazine/Pro to the latest version please make sure you clear your cache (WordPress cache & your web browser cache). Please make sure to clear the CDN cache too if you are using CDN like Cloudfare, BunnyCDN, etc.



Version 2 brings huge changes when it comes to design. As a core grid framework, we were using bootstrap 3 & since Cream Magazine/Pro version 2 we have switched to Bootstrap version 4. There are a lot of UI design improvements & changes. Please make sure you go through the changes logs if you had customized Cream Magazine/Pro using a child theme.  



At this point of writing this topic, we do not have an updated documentation guide for Cream Magazine/Pro versions. We are currently working hard to upgrade the documentation guide. A new/updated documentation guide will be available after a few days.   



You might face basic technical issues in both Cream Magazine free/pro versions. In-case, if you noticed changes in options please make sure go to through new updated widgets & customizer. Please make sure you play around with customizer for a while before you reach us for help. Once you are done going through customizer but couldn't fix the issue please contact us via our support forum. 



Thanks, team 

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