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[Sticky] Licensing & Automatic updater system ( Pre-Launch notice )  


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October 9, 2018 1:15 PM  

Hello users,

Greetings & How are you today ? 

We are very happy today to announce that we are adding a new feature & functionality for all premium themes/plugins. Let's take a look what are the stuffs that gonna be added on this upgrade. 




We always had wished to implement automatic updates for all our premium ( pro ) themes/plugins. Automatic updater will make sure you will be always updated with the latest update. It's time to make your website more secure & bug free. We do regular updates for all our premium themes / plugins & you will be notified with the update right at your WordPress dashboard.  You can simply update our pro themes & plugins like same way you do for other free themes from You just need to simply click on update & updater will run to make your current product updated with the latest codes.





We had worked hard to bring automatic updater service on our premium themes/plugins just for you. We will be implementing one additional feature called license manager. 


Let's learn what this means to you. 


- Once you purchase our premium themes / plugins you will receive  a download file permission along with the license. 

-  Download the theme/plugin file & upload that to your WordPress installation. 

- Enter your license when prompted after installing & activating our premium themes/plugins

- Done!


What happens when you entered your license ?  


When you enter your license key that you have received, you will be eligible to get updates for the product once that is available. If you do not activate the license for the product you purchased that's quite simple you will be getting no any updates.  


What are the types of license & what will that cost ?


While writing this announce we are not quite sure what exactly will be the types of license but we are pretty sure that we will be having license something like this.


- Single site license: You can use this type of license in one domain only & the price will be regular price of the product.

- Multiple site license:  You can use this type of license in one to five domains & the price will be slightly higher then the regular price ( May be 10% more then regular price )

- Developer license: You can use this type of license for 100 ( hundred ) domains & the price will be 20% more then the regular price of product.



Hey, do I need to re-new this license at some point ? 


Yes, you will need to update this license once yearly if you wish to receive regular updates for the product. You will need to pay almost 50% less this time when you re-new your license. Let's say if product price is $44 then you will need to pay around $20 when you re-new your license after one year.



What happens with existing orders & existing users ? 


We would like to keep things civilized & easy for our loyal customers. We understand that we got to enroll our existing users with this system too. We will roll back your past orders & implement these system for all users. 



Should you have any questions, feedback & inquiry regarding this upgrade ? Please feel free to drop your views at comment below or contact us by any medium.


Wish you a great day.


Best regards, Team


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