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[Closed] Menu item heigh - how to change  



Ok, I know hot to change font for Primary menu, I do not where to preview all fonts (I wish i know it, but..) but I really would like to know how to shrink height of item. I change font to sans condensed, but I wish to shrink it...

Please help.


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Hello Tomohr,

It is not possible to preview all the fonts at once. If you wish to check how a font looks you need to do one by one from the customizer. Regarding menu item height we do not have the option to control that for now but I can help you with custom CSS styles code.

Shall I send you a custom CSS code? 



Yes please send code.

I have over 1200 product categories and wish to make a usable menu. 

Thank you.


The code is here: . Closing this topic.

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