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Good morning,

I have a pair of question

1-the mini cart button menu doesn't open che shop cart..

indeed it does not open anything..

2-the menu doesn't work in mobile version so I have to install an addictional plugin


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Hi Fabio,

Answering your questions,

1. Yes, indeed mini cart button does not work on the shop cart page. WooCommerce has been defined it that way because if you are on shop cart page, you do not need extra cart and you will find what you need on the cart page. There is nothing we can do to it.

2. We have checked for the mobile menu and it works fine. Could you send us the link of your website? We'll look into it.

Best regards.


The website is

Is a test website


Hello Fabio,

The mobile menu is not working for you because you are having JavaScript console error. Follow the instruction below. 

  • Clear cache if you are using it
  • Disable all plugins except Orchid store pro, WooCommerce, YITH Wishlist & YITH Quickview
  • Try to view your website using incognito (private browsing mode)
  • Clear your mobile browser cache 

Now do the mobile menu work? If still, it didn't work for you please send your WordPress login details from here:

Thanks & Regards,


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