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[Closed] OS Banner shows page title  




when I make Page for slider, let's say "Slide1", put feature image for slider and some text in it, like in picture in attach, when I turn off page title and use "Elementor full size" or "Elementor empy canvas" with "Hide title", title still stays in slide.

Can I remove it somehow?

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I am not sure if I understood your question. Have you referred to this doc here ?

If documentation video doesn't answer you then can you please elaborate your question? 


When I make slide in Banner, it contains of Page with Featured image. For slide title i must put something like:

Lenovo AiO A540 i5/8GB/512GB/IntHD/27″QHD/W10/siv

in Page title... So sometimes slide won't show that slide. I do not know why yet, but i assume it is beacuse of " and / in name of page.

So I wished to turn off Page name in Slide, and put that text below, but I do not know how to turn off that.

ok ?


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I found out why slide is not shown.

If permalink in Page contains " (double quotation) than slide is not shown. If you can in future put that in banner code to check presence of it.

So now it is fine when I remove it from permalink on page.


One more question, where can I change timeout for slides in banner? I wish to put it to 7000 msec lets say...

Thank you!


I got your question but I am writing this response without testing that in the Orchid store theme. I can't agree with you totally but I also assume it might have been the problem due to "" & /. 

Will you allow me to suggest the banner heading text in a different approach. Take a look at this & title "Deals on headphone". Can you write something like "Deals on laptops" & then link to the laptop category? Something like this

Let me know if this works else I will get back to you doing a quick test.


No, you got it wrong. Problem is not in banner heading text, problem is in Wordpress page Permalink, when it has " in it, then banner can not display that page and it skips it. After removing " from wordpress permalink slides works fine.


There is no way to change the speed of the slider for now. I would have given you CSS code if it was controlled with CSS but that thing is coming from JavaScript code. We may add this in future update 

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