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[Closed] OS Products by Category Filter or OS Products Three columns or OS Products - custom order of items  



Hi, can you please help me how to choose custom order, I have over 5000 products and wish to show only 5 of them per category, but in some order, like:

- random,

- last added, (date)

- custom items


How to do that? There is on Products by option only on OS Products Order - by but only Rated, Feature, Action... Random would be useful, and date, descending...

Thank you!

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😀 Tomohr, if we go through your obe by one need we need to build a completely separate theme (custom developed for you). Sorry, we do not have this functionality. 



I  am sorry for that, but for online shop with more than few froducts some features are missing for me 😉

With your help my shop now looks great, in both desktop and mobile, but some funcionality still missing, like this one.

This can be great theme with only few features upgrade.


Can you please consider over this one, ordering is very important...

Thank you

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Thanks, we will consider adding those options in future updates but this gonna take time. Our country is on complete lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.   


I understand. Our country too. I will look forward for it! 

Greetings from Croatia!

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