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[Solved] can't update royale news pro  



hello, i've just tried to update my royal news pro theme and i get the following error message

Der Zielordner existiert bereits. /home/xc2p3nkl/public_html/wp-content/themes/royale-news-pro/

english: The folder does already exist
Theme can't be installed

anyone knows how to fix that?

1 Answer

Hello xpatze85x

To update the newest version. First remove the existing version of the theme. To remove, active another theme. Then you can see the remove option for the current version of the Royale News Pro. Once you remove the theme, upload the update version of the theme.

Here are few links that might help you further :

- Support : Go support page
- Themes : Go check themes
- Theme Documentation : Read theme documentations
- Blog : Read blog

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