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[Closed] Homepage featured image dimensions with the update  



Hi, I havent installed new plugins for a long time, so I think it could be the theme update. Not sure thou.

My problem is the dimension of the featured image on the home page. It only accures with the new articles, old ones look fine. I tried to publish test articles, same settings as always, and they are off. It affects the appearance I'm going for.

Regenerating thumbs didn't help.

Any solutions? Thank You.

link -

see image

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Dear @phomar

Thank you for posting here at the forum. We are just back from a short holiday & we will look at the problem by tomorrow. 





After tomorrow? 😀


10 days in...  New post article feature image on home page has a different aspect ratio with the new update? Anyone? My old schedule posts look fine when I publish them. Even new posts with images uploaded before updates have a good ratio, but when I upload new image thumb size of the homepage feature image is a different ratio... Where can I try to fix this?


Hello Marko,

Apologies for the late response. In our latest update, we'd made some changes. We've changed image size for two of the widgets but new image sizes have not been defined. I saw your website, I found that you're not using any sort of widgets on the home page. So in your case, there should not be any changes. 

Install Regenerate Thumbnails, and regenerate thumbnails of all the images once. If the problem still remains even after regenerating the thumbnails, do write to us.

Best Regards.


Regenerate Thumbnails, as I assumed, made all images the "new" ratio.  - 761 x 492

They are now all same size, which is good, and I would be happy with it, however - all the featured images I had so far where crop edited to fit "old ratio". (they are color-framed in photoshop)

Featured Posts slider however, on the home page, has the right "old" ratio, but cropped in more than before update (zoomed in) so the color frame is lost.

Now I would have no choice, but to reframe and reupload each featured image to fit into "new ratio" to avoid themes auto-crop.

Something has changed with the update.

- Can you confirm it has nothing to do with the update by checking any other sites featured image aspect ratio?

- Can I manually change the featured image size inside the theme?



Dear @phomar

Yes, few image dimensions have been changed in a recent update since the theme was having an issue of thumbnail sizes when sidebar was not used. We were forced to solve this issue globally because many other users are too using Royale news/pro versions to build their website & they reported issue. I understand that you hadn't noticed this thumbnail issue because you were using sidebar from the very beginning. 

I can suggest you two option at this point. 

1. Re-upload the new featured image for posts

2. Create a child theme for the theme & overwrite the thumbnail sizes in that to an old version. Again, regenerate the thumbnail. That should fix the issue with your featured images. 

You can learn here to create a child theme. 

If you are unable to create a child theme, define old image sizes & overwrite the parent theme thumbnail sizes we can also help you to do this as a customization service in some extra fee. 


Hope you understand. 




Thank you for your answer.

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