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[Closed] Image Size issue  



Previously it was working fine. But suddenly don't know what happen... Image is not cropped to fit now. I tried "Regenerate Thumbnail" plugin also. Deleted the image and uploaded it once again... Tried different image also... But nothing worked out. Please look into it. I am attaching the screenshot for your reference. You can also visit my blog Home Page for reference ( N i didn't receive the solution for Post title query. It's still pending?

Moreover, how can i disable sticky sidebar option?

One more thing when i used "Regenerate Thumbnail" plugin it wasn't able to generate thumbnail for some sizes which i guess were of this theme only.

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2 Answers

Hello @contact2dude


I apologise for being late to reply to your query.

It looks like you have recently enabled lazyload functionality either through jetpack or Siteground optimizer plugin. The plugin that you are using to enable lazyload for images is requesting smaller image size then it's a container. Please do kindly disable that functionality or find another alternative plugin to enable lazyload for images. 

FYI: We may get built-in lazyload functionality for Royale News pro shortly in next update. 





I am sure it's not because of SG optimizer because lazy load in SG optimizer was previously on when i installed your theme and it was working fine. It may be because of Jetpack because i recently installed it but i instantly deleted it also. Currently m not using Jetpack or any other plugin for Lazy load other than SG optimizer. N i tried disabling lazy load in SG optimizer. Problem still not resolved. What can be done?

N may i know will this create problem for future images also?

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