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[Closed] Post Title font not changing  



First of all thanks for the awesome update. Now coming to the problem, I can't change the font of the Post title and Post Meta? When i change it through "Post Title Typo" it's changing on Home Page but not on the Post/Page Single. I am attaching the Screenshot for your understanding. Same is the problem with "Post Meta Typo". But in "Post Meta" case it's not even changing in Home Page also. Please have a look into it.

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Hello @contact2dude


Thank you for reporting an issue with Royale News Pro. Please be informed that font family for post/page single title is applied from heading font-family setting not post title font-family option. 

Regarding post meta font family, I must check before I suggest you anything here. I am not that sure at this point if I am not mistaken there could be no font-family option for post meta. In this case, font-family for meta gets applied from body font-family. Anyways, like always if your reported issue is valid we will have next update for Royale News Pro shortly. 


Best regards, 


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