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Change Footer Color  



Hello i tried to change to footer color with the following code in the Additional CSS

.site-footer {background: #9a9a9a;}

But no luck could you help me with this.
Thnx for the support.

Please answer my question...

1 Answer

Hi evert,

You've got different class of footer element. It does not match with our theme. We've <footer> element with class primary_footer. Inside <footer> there are two <div> whose classes are top_footer and footer_inner respectively. For both inner footer elements, background colors are applied separately. If you want to change the footer color, may be you should add following code in Additional CSS:

.top_footer { background-color: #9a9a9a; } // This is for footer section with social links
.footer_inner { background-color: #9a9a9a; } // This is for footer sections with footer widgets and copyright text

I hope this might help you. If you need further assistance, do contact us.

Best Regards.

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