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[Closed] Demo import not working  



Hi, the 50% offer code that is on the site is expired, but I went ahead and paid full price anyway, and now when I try to import the demo content, I get the following message "There are no predefined import files available in this theme. Please upload the import files manually!" I activated One Click Demo plugin like your instructions say, but this is not working.

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Dear @crosbyvision

We have released style blog pro update already ( v.2.0.5). This version solves the problem with demo import.

We again noticed a few bugs in 2.0.5 so we will be doing one more update to 2.0.6 shortly. 


FYI: Please be informed that 2.0.5 is also recommended for general users. You will only see the error after you import demo only if your "wp debug mode is true". 


Please stay tuned. 

Thank you, support team

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