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[Solved] Add read more link or button in style blog pro blog posts listing  



I would like to have the read more displayed on the home page and in the categories. Even if the read more is imposed in place, this is not seen.

How can I solve the problem?

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Issue resolved by email, marking this topic as solved. 

Dear @joso if you have something to let us know you can still post repose here. 


Thanks, dev team


Dear @joso

The information that you shared is not being quite sufficient to understand. 


Quick questions: 

1. Do you want read more buttons/links on every posts listing at homepage & archives/category pages?


2. Do you want read more button instead of pagination so that it would be infinite scroll while users click on read more button. 




Hi, yes I want "read more" buttons/links on every posts listing at homepage and archives/category pages.




Dear @joso,

We do not have the plan to add read more button on blog posts because of limited space around the post title, excerpt & metas. We already have a permalink on post thumbnails, titles which can open post single. Therefore we do not feel that users are having a hard time to open the post single at this moment & yes, the spacing is also a major challenge there.

If still, you would like to have read more link/button on your website I will ask our developer team to instruct you here itself. They may share code or instruction which will be helpful for you. 



Yes, please... share here the code to show link/button read more.




Hello Josh,

Please find the file filters.php. Replace line 21 with the following code from this link,

Save the file and that's it.

If you find any problem, do write us.

Best regards.

I Added the code at line 21, but it not work.  


Hi I've updated my answer here.

Hi, I tried the new code, but not show the read more... can i post the site link here?




Hi, I tried the new code, but not show the "read more".



yes, can you please share your website URL

look here: [ URL deleted ]  😜 

Please can you delete the link above. Thanks


Hi Joso,

Don't know how it did not work for you. Could you send us login credentials of your site? If yes, mail us the login credential to [email protected] Or create a user with the mail.

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