Fix Website Redirect Loop After Enabling Cloudflare

Fix Website Redirect Loop After Enabling Cloudflare

Did you just added Cloudflare for your domain ? Cloudflare can be advantage to your website in many ways. Cloudflare helps to speedup your website performance & adds security for your website. Cloudflare is basically a CDN ( Content delivery network ) which stays at middle between your domain & web host. You can learn about Cloudflare from their website pretty much. In this article today we are going to guide you how you can fix website redirect loop after enabling Cloudflare for your domain. In simple language this is how error looks like “The page isn’t redirecting properly” or “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” errors.

The figure below will show how your Cloudflare dashboard looks like when your domain is activated at Cloudflare.

Fix Website Redirect Loop After Enabling Cloudflare 1

When your domain is activated at Cloudflare. Cloudflare adds SSL for your domain. Cloudflare flexible SSL can cause redirect loops depending on certain configurations in the origin server. SSL refers to ( Secure Sockets Layer ) which basically is a extra security layer for your domain. To make this simple we say say, with flexible SSL, all traffic between the web browser and Cloudflare is encrypted over HTTPS ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure ) which replace HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) for your domain as a result.

But, we understand you didn’t get this change to see because you got redirect loop after enabling Cloudflare.

Let’s go with the fix now. There is a simple fix to solve the redirection loop after enabling Cloudflare.

Cloudflare recommends Flexible SSL only when encrypted traffic cannot be supported at the origin web server because it lacks an SSL certificate. By enabling Flexible SSL, you are telling Cloudflare to send all requests between Cloudflare and the origin web host over HTTP ( not encrypted ). Since this can be confusion between the Cloudflare & your host. To solve this confusion between host & Cloudflare do kindly follow the steps below.

  • Go to Crypto ( Lock icon at top ) at Cloudflare dashboard
  • Look for SSL option, you will see  ( Flexible SSL ) seclected.

Cloudflare SSL

  • Change flexible SSL option to Strict SSL
  • Done !

Now, wait for a while. After a while refresh your website. Issue of website redirect loop after enabling Cloudflare will be solved now. Your website will work fine. But this is not an end. Scroll the Crypto page at Cloudflare dashboard you will see option called ” Always use SSL “. Check/Enable this option if this is disabled previously.

Cloudflare always use SSL

It might also take few hours to actually solve the redirect loop but this should be fixed. If you still see this problem after few hours back you must go with few other troubleshooting too. There are also other ways to troubleshoot this issue but this can be little complicated for basic users.

We can remove the HTTPS redirects in our origin server through rewrite rule. Make sure you go with the documentation below.


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