[ 2019 ] Fix the theme is missing “style.css” Stylesheet Error

[ 2019 ] Fix the theme is missing “style.css” Stylesheet Error

Getting a hard time to understand how you got the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the “style.css” stylesheet while uploading a WordPress theme? Hey, wait do not get panic you will resolve this issue in next 5 minutes. I will guide you on how you can easily solve this silly error that you encountered when installing WordPress theme.

Yes, you read it right 5 minutes. Wondering how to Fix the theme is missing “style.css” Stylesheet in WordPress ? & on same time wondering why you got this issue? Here, is the brief updated guide on fixing stylesheet missing in WordPress.

This post will help you to understand why you face this error and what is the best possible way to rectify this issue. I will be sharing with you today an easy fix that you can do to solve your issue on your own.


Before I start hope you already got a question around; how actually you got stylesheet missing problem in a brand new theme that you just purchased. The answer is really simple & I gonna answer you today in brief.


Stylesheet ( in general term “style.css” ) refers to .CSS file which plays a great role while styling web components. In other word .CSS refers to ( Cascading Style Sheet ). Let me make easy to understand for you .CSS or stylesheet is the same term which helps to add styles to web components like as colors, fonts, layouts etc. Web designers & developers use the stylesheet. CSS file to code their custom styles for web pages, themes & templates. Hope you are getting my point.

How To Fix Stylesheet Missing In WordPress
How To Fix Stylesheet Missing In WordPress Example of style sheet ( .CSS ) file inside Royale News Pro theme


Let’s say you just bought a theme from somewhere. You paid for it. Downloaded the file & tried to upload in your WordPress but then suddenly you got an error message saying ” the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the “style.css” stylesheet. I understand completely what you might have thought at that meantime.


But the most important thing to understand is either the theme author or you did a silly mistake. If I am not mistaken you must have uploaded a whole bunch of “” file to your WordPress. Hey wait, here’s the problem. You are not supposed to upload theme on that way. Let me help you to understand much better.

Watch the short video tutorial below. I will guide you through the download package that you usually get in most of the case.

In this particular video tutorial, you saw a package that I got when I purchased through ThemeForest.

Upload just a theme file not a whole bunch of package

As you can see there is a package with a bunch of stuffs inside including documentation, demo data, license information, theme file & child theme file. The documentation file is a guide for you to setup theme. Whereas demo data you can import that later after the theme has been installed. Author license file to state the author copyright information. Theme file at last that you should be installing in your WordPress installation.

Simply unzip the main package that you often get when you purchase any theme package. Look for the actual theme file. Upload the file in your WordPress installation. The process must go 100% correct this time.

Wrapping up !

If you face any issue while uploading theme let me know in comment section below or look for support from the particular author.

Hope you found this article helpful. Do kindly drop your feedback at comment section below if you want me to make this article more easy to understand. If you think it saved your day, make sure you share this article in your social media for others who you care.

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