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Advertising on Themebeez.com is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and compelling way. We present your brand’s message in a bigger, bolder and more beautiful way like any other online platform. We have a global audience from all around the world.



Well, this depends on your content & your requirements.  We have various spot for you. Different spot has their own fair minimal rates. Following are the areas where you can advertise.



We have two different spot for you if you want to advertise on themebeez.com main website.


  • Advertise as a blog post article – Advertising as a blog content is one of the best way to reach global audience. If you would like to have sponsored guest post article in our blog you are welcome. Please note only the technology related post can be published at https://themebeez.com/blog .  $80 per month is the price if you would like to write sponsored guest article in https://themebeez.com/blog along with do follow back link.
  • Advertise on sidebar of blog page & other pages –  $100 per month of keeping your banner advertisement in this location.



We have wide number of product demo landing pages when it comes to https://demo.themebeez.com. We craft demo for our themes. We have separate demo for our Free & Pro version themes.

Let’s take example of one of our theme ( One Hive:  https://themebeez.com/demos/one-hive/ ). We have 5 Live demos for One Hive theme. 5 demos consists of hundreds of dummy articles & pages. Different themes have different advertisement area. Would you wish to advertise on our themes demo pages ? Below are the rates.


  • Header area aside of logo – In this spot if you would like to advertise please do send us your banner/advertisement code. The rate to advertise on this area is $80 per month
  • Theme preview advertisement area at body/footer/sidebar –  In this spot if you would like to advertise please do send us your banner/advertisement code. The rate to advertise on this area is $50 per month
  • Guest / sponsored article post at our theme preview demo – We do not care about the topic & article niche when it comes to this spot.  Please do keep in mind sexual & criminal related images & article are not allowed. The rate to advertise on this area is $10 per month or $100 lifetime.


If you are interested to advertise with us or got any questions please do feel free to contact us at [email protected]



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