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Advertise with us

Advertising with us is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and compelling way. We present your brand’s message in a bigger, bolder and more beautiful way like any other online platform. We have a global audience from all around the world.

Here are our advertising packages. These rates are flexible. Rates are negotiable depending upon give & take business strategy. Please be advised that these rates are non-refundable.  

Advertise at

We have few open advertisement slots at main domain itself. Here at we can place your advertisement banners on sidebar like you see of siteground web hosting. If you are interested placing your banner on this slot price would be approximately USD 100 for 3 months. We guarantee that your banner will remain on our sidebar till 3 months, after that it depends on other advertisers & other various factors. This price is non-negotiable & non-refundable.  

Advertise at themebeez blog

Themebeez blog is a best platform if you wish to advertise in form of  reviews / guest posts or other article. We will also accept banner advertisement on our blog which can be placed at sidebars & also with-in the article itself. 

Here are some rates & open slots for someone willing to advertise at our blog.

A. Guest posts : We accept guest posts. If you wish to write guest post on our blog & share back link or post for us at your website, in this condition guest posting is free. All the guest posts should be written with the purpose. Guest posts shouldn’t be written for the shake of back link. Your guest post must be 100% unique. However, we will not accept guest posts which are written really in off topics. We only accept guest posts that are our niche based. If you have any more additional questions feel free to check with us through email. If you would like to write guest post at our blog & cannot provide us back link for us at your website through any medium then in that condition guest post will be considered as regular promotional post, check point C for more information. 

B. Advertise with banner : We have open slot if you wish to put your banner advertisement at our blog. Rate for this will be USD 80 per 3 months. We can guarantee your banner  advertisement will stay at our blog for 3 months.

C. Review or promotional article post : We are open to post review or promotional post at our blog. Please let us know what review are you willing to have at our blog. This post won’t be sticky but will remain life time at our blog archive. Price of these kinds of advertisement is USD 200.

D. Collaboration : We are open to collaborate with someone willing to collaborate with us. In such condition we do not have any fixed rates. If you think you can help us & get helped we would love to welcome you in open collaborate discussion.

E. Do you have something else then we listed? Do you think you can advertise in different way at our blog. We would like to welcome you with the idea & budget you have. 

F. Advertise your products with us. You can advertise your products like themes & Plugin. Rate for this types of advertisement is USD 200 per month. Here is a example of sample theme listing advertisement. 


We usually place dummy texts & images at our demo websites which are build for our product demonstration. If you wish to advertise in such demo sites with banner advertisement or post you are hearty welcome. Rates in this condition would be USD 50 for life time. 

Note : We do not support any illegal, criminal, gambling, piracy, nulled or similar advertisements at any of our websites. If you try to tick us & get your advertisement at any of our advertisement slots through any technique, we will instantly remove your advertisement without any pre-notice. Since advertisement pricing is totally non-refundable, absolutely no refund will be provided on this case too.

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