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Product Updates

We would like to welcome another great feature for our loyal clients & product users, here we introduce automatic ( product updates ) updater for all our premium themes/plugins. Our product updates will make sure, our users are always bug free, secure & 100% updated once we release updates/upgrades for any premium product. Users will have a great privilege to install product updates through their WordPress dashboard at just one click like the way you doing for free themes & plugins from wordpress.org.


How does automatic updates will work on premium themes/plugins ?

To be eligible to get updates & free upgrades for products you need to have valid licence key. You can get information about licence manager & licence key from this page: https://themebeez.com/product-licencing/


Where will I get alert for updates/upgrades on premium themes/plugins ?

You will get notified as soon as update/update is available at your WordPress dashboard & you can install it on one click. Below screenshot will show you where you will get alert for update notification.

Update notification at your WordPress dashboard will look like this


What if I have custom changes or added custom code on premium theme/plugin file ?

We understand that you may had added some custom code to extend some functionality. Like for example: May be a custom css or javascript from google adsense or any advertising company. Here you need to understand how you can do safe update & keep your custom code with you.

CASE 1 : Custom styles ( CSS )

– If you have custom styles css at Appearance > Customizer > Custom styles you do not need to worry.

– If you have added any custom styles at theme file through Appearance > Editor or by any medium you need to backup that code. Update theme/plugin & again paste that code back to that file where you had before.


CASE 2 : Custom Javascripts

– If you had added custom java script code to theme file through Appearance > Editor or by any medium you need to backup that code. Update theme/plugin & again paste that code back to that file where you had before.


CASE 3 : Custom PHP code

– If you had added custom java script code to theme file through Appearance > Editor or by any medium you need to backup that code. Update theme/plugin & again paste that code back to that file where you had before.


If you think you need assistance doing this do contact our support team. We will do this for you.


What if I have customized version of your premium theme/plugin ?

If you are using customized version of our premium themes/plugins DO NOT install updates/upgrades via WordPress dashboard directly. Please contact support team & they will instruct you the steps or they will do that for you.


How often will updates & upgrades be available for me ?

We do not have exact ETA for updates & future free upgrades. However, we do updates & upgrades when we feel necessary of it. It can be twice a day or once a week depending upon necessity. If you do not notice any updates/upgrades with-in 1 – 2 months make sure you check the product sales page for current stable version or contact support team.


I haven’t got any updates/updates since 3 months back

Some times there might be problem with our server or updater system. If you do not get update for a premium theme/plugin where you have entered valid licence key & your key is not expired make sure you contact support team immediately.


Will I be loosing my post,pages,menus,widgets & customizer options after doing update/upgrades ?

No, you wont be loosing any of your contents, pages, posts, menus or customizer options after updates. You might loose custom codes like ( Javascripts, CSS & PHP ) if you have added to theme/plugin file.


How can I track, what changes update is available or what was the update for ? ( Change Logs )

For every updates/upgrades we have change logs. Change logs refers to the logs for the changes what were modified, added or removed from the theme/plugin file. You can get this log from product sales page, look for change logs.


I got problem after updating my premium theme/plugin

You shouldn’t have problem while updating or after updating your premium theme/plugin. If you face any issue do kindly let support team know immediately.


What shouldn’t I do with premium themes/plugins to get updates alerts ? ( For developers/Designers )

Designers/Developers do purchase our premium themes/plugins for their projects. Here are the things that you guys need to follow to receive future updates.

DO NOT change text domain from style.css file located at theme directory ( Name can be changed )

DO NOT change version for at style.css file located at theme directory

DO NOT change version at upadter/init.php file


Seriously, Why should I have to update WordPress / themes / plugins ?

No product is perfect & 100% bug free on any point. We do updates to make our product bug free & secure at all time as soon as we  come to know issues & bugs. Regular updates will also make sure there won’t be any compatibility issue with latest version of WordPress. Your security means everything for us. Your security & satisfaction is our goal. We work hard to keep you bug free & secure.

Upgrades: not only updates we also do upgrades for our premium product users. On upgrades we add new feature to our themes/plugins to keep you always ahead of mass.


Should you have any questions, feedback & inquiry regarding licence manager/licence key & automatic updates ? Please feel free to contact support team from https://themebeez.com/support/  page.


Wish you a great day.

Best regards,

Themebeez.com Team


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