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Themebeez don’t just offer themes for websites, they help make dreams become a reality through their beautiful, user friendly designs. As a beginner, I’m able to navigate the functions and designs effortlessly without any hassle and have full control over my website. Themebeez have made my ideas come alive, so my visitors can resonate with my thoughts and have a unique experience.



I am so grateful that I found one of the Themebeez blog templates when I first started creating my website. That lucky choice led me to work with their outstanding team to ultimately create a custom website|blog hybrid that is exactly what I hoped to accomplish.

My work with the Themebeez team began when I reached out to see if they could help me customize the template I had purchased.

The reality is that I needed more than a little customization to achieve the content and layout goals of my website

The team offered to do this for me at an affordable rate, and the resulting experience and website development exceeded my expectations.

I knew nothing about website development and organization before this effort, and the Themebeez team was exceptionally patient with me and helped educate me every step of the way.

They not only listened to my ideas and helped fine tune certain areas, but they spent time making sure I could develop posts and pages on my own once it was complete.

They were so kind, collaborative, talented, and helpful. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and have even recommended new ways they can help make my website better, including improved SEO.

I think of them as part of my team and will continue to use their services as my website grows.


I highly recommend the outstanding team at Themebeez!



The quality of customer service is critical for any company that hopes to be successful, and Themebeez shines in that department as well as the quality of their products.
I have had the pleasure of getting support from these guys and I am still blown away by how knowledgeable, helpful, respectful and polite they are.

Starting and maintaining a blog or website is not a piece a cake for many of us. There are many tools available that attempt to make the process easier, but even so, they are inclined to be complex and therefore present hurdles.

I was exposed to the Themebeez group after I picked one of their themes as my favorite. From the moment I started communicating with the staff members, I knew I had chosen the right company for my theme.
Their flexibility with their themes and helpfulness have made maintaining a blog significantly easier than I know it would have been.


Thank guys!

Wishing you the continued success,



United Kingdom

Excellent support & beautiful theme. A $27 worth theme does pretty much stuffs to keep my blog look & feel amazing. Highly recommended.




Royale news pro was super easy for me to customize & to get my blog like I had wanted. Loved support, their response was extremely quick. I recommend royale news to others.




Perfect, I truly loved cream blog pro. It looks great on my blog. Highly recommended.



Texas, USA

Cream blog pro is an excellent pick. Plenty features & layout to play with. My website looks great.

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