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Orchid Store Pro Plugin

Orchid Store Pro Plugin

Orchid Store Pro is an extension for the Orchid Store WordPress theme. Or you can simply say that Orchid Store Pro is a WordPress plugin that enhances the functionalities of the Orchid Store theme.


When you move from free to the pro version of a theme, you'll experience changes in theme options that you have to re-configure. Thus to avoid this problem, we've created a plugin that contains the pro features and functionalities.


  • Advanced colour options
  • Advanced typography options
  • Multiple header layouts
  • Simple mega menu functionality for special menu
  • Multiple Banner/Slider widget layout with unlimited slider item option
  • Multiple product categories widget layout
  • Multiple blog post widget layout
  • 3 Columns product widget
  • Product deal widget ( deal of the day/month/week)
  • Offer banner grid widget  
  • Testimonial widget
  • Featured brands widget
  • CTA widget
  • Import pro demo contents
  • Regular update
  • Premium support


  • Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce Membership
  • Woocommerce Subscription
  • YITH Quick View
  • YITH Wishlist


Once you've purchased Orchid Store Pro, you'll receive an e-mail (check SPAM folder too) containing the download link or you can retrieve your download file & licence key from my account. Download the file. Note: Do not unzip the file. Then follow the instructions below to install Orchid Store Pro.

  • On your dashboard, click on Plugins.
  • Click on Add New button.
  • Click on Upload Plugin button. It will open the section below to upload the file.
  • Click on Choose File button and upload the file.
  • Then click on the Install Now button.
  • Once the installation is successfully completed, activate the plugin.

Once you've completed the above instructions, you'll have Orchid Store Pro successfully installed and activated. Licence key is mandatory to enter after activating Orchid Store Pro plugin. During the process, if you encounter any problem, contact us.


We all need a fast website. Here we have performed the speed test of Orchid store pro. 

Orchid Store Pro Plugin 1

During our test, our demo site with 100% demo content loaded just in 2.3s with an A Grade.  Try it yourself. Test here: GTMetrix & test this demo site.


  • Product type: Pro
  • Licence: GPLv2
  • Current version: 1.3.0
  • Updated on: 17 August, 2023
  • Support: Get support
  • Author: Themebeez
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 2
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 3
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 4
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 5
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 6
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 7
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 8
Product deal widget
Orchid Store Pro Plugin 9

Orchid Store Pro Pricing .

Our pricing is designed to cater every one need. Do select the plan that best suits your requirement. If you have an additional question do go through the frequently asked questions.


$ 49
  • All features
  • One licence key
  • Yearly renewable plan
  • One year support


$ 69
  • All features
  • Ten licence keys
  • Yearly renewable plan
  • One year support


UNLIMITED SITES & a year support.
$ 89
  • All features
  • Unlimited licence key
  • Yearly renewable plan
  • One year support

Free VS Pro & Change Log

Here is deep comparison between free & premium version, recent changes on theme and user feedback. Please kindly have a look below before you purchase.

Theme FeaturesOrchid Store ProOrchid Store
Advance Color Options
Advance Typography Options
Responsive & Mobile Friendly
SEO friendly
RTL Ready
Header Layout Variations 2 1
Demo Import
Banner/Slider Widget Layout Variations 2 1
Blog Post Widget Layout Variations 2 1
Service Widget
About Widget
CTA Widget
3 Columns Product Widget
Product deals (week, month or day) widget
Featured Categories Widget Layout Variations 2 1
Testimonial Widget
Featured Brands Widget
Offer grid widget Yes
Woocommerce Support
Elementor Page Builder Support
YITH Quick View Support
YITH Wishlist Support
Advance Sidebar Options
Advance Footer Options
Translation Ready
Theme Updates
Customer Support Premium Support General Support

== 1.3.0 - 17 August, 2023 ==

- Added: addonify quick view icon in product widget 4.
- Added: WooCommerce products classes in product li tag.
- Removed: Option, `Notice Dismiss Button Background Color`.
- Tweak: Product widget 4 style.
- Tweak: Product widget 5 styles.
- Tested: WordPress 6.3.0
- Tested: WooCommerce 8.0.2

== 1.2.9 - 21 April, 2023 ==

- Fixed: Image and link issue in OS:Banner widget.

== 1.2.8 - 03 April, 2023 ==

- Fixed: PHP errors in product widgets.

== 1.2.7 - 28 February, 2023 ==

- Fixed: PHP errors, funtions `orchid_store_get_option`, and `orchid_store_get_alt_text_of_image` not found, and undefined array key `order` and `orderby`.
- Added: Wishlist icon support for Addonify Wishlist in header two.
- Fixed: Issues with saving values for checkbox options in widgets.

== 1.2.6 - 30 December, 2022 ==

- Added: "Addonify Floating Cart for WooCommerce" plugin recommendation and compatibility.

== 1.2.5 - 02 November, 2022 ==

- Tested: WordPress 6.1.0
- Tested: WooCommerce 7.0.1

== 1.2.4 - 08 August, 2022 ==

- Fix: action button style issue on product widget 5

== 1.2.3 - 21 March, 2022 ==

- Fixed: wp_enqueue_script.
- Removed: Currency switcher JS.
- Updated: Dev build tool.

== 1.2.2 - 20 March, 2022 ==

- Added: 'order' and 'orderby' options added for products widgets.
- Updated: 'alt' value for img tags.

== 1.2.1 - 12 Nov, 2021 ==

- Changed Licence key input field to password.

== 1.2.0 - 24 August, 2021 ==

- Deprecated: Currency switcher.
- Deprecated: Instagram widget.
- Changes: Minor changes.

== 1.1.9 - 15 July, 2021 ==

- Added: items on wishlist count.

== 1.1.8 - 3 June, 2021 ==

- Updated: demo data server URL

== 1.1.7 - 4 May, 2021 ==

- Fix: Dynamic color of WooCommerce breadcrumbs

== 1.1.6 - 8 April, 2021 ==

- Fix: Offer grid widget issue in the Elementor
- Fix: Minor fixes

== 1.1.5 - 07 Feb, 2021 ==

- Removed: Option to set image as background for banner widget

== 1.1.4 - 05 Feb, 2021 ==

- Fix: Top header menu link colour in mobile device
- Updated: readme.txt

== 1.1.3 - 20 Jan, 2021 ==

- Added: Option to hide products out of stock for products widget
- Added: Option to set image as background for banner widget
- Fix: Dynamic CSS issues.
- Fix: Minor Issues

== 1.1.2 - 16 Jan, 2021 ==

- Fix: Dynamic CSS issues.
- Fix: Minor PHP issues fixed.

== 1.1.1 - 7 Jan, 2020 ==

- Fix: Minor issues.

== 1.1.0 - 25 Dec, 2020 ==

- Enhancement: Replaced old updater with new one.

== 1.0.9 - 10 Dec, 2020 ==

- Fix: Admin CSS & scripts are enqueued only for needed pages
- Fix: Dynamic color issue in minicart dropdown

== 1.0.8 - 21 November, 2020 ==

- Fix: Currecy switcher widget CSS style
- Removed: wp_enqueue_style for currency switcher CSS (public)
- Removed: wp_enqueue_style for currency switcher CSS (admin)

== 1.0.7 - 27 August, 2020 ==

- Fix: Mobile logo issue in header layout two

== 1.0.6 - 16 August, 2020 ==

- Fix: Product widget 4 (three column) WooCommerce start rating issue

== 1.0.5 - 27 July, 2020 ==

- Added: Mobile search color options
- Fix: Font enqueue
- Fix: Special menu dropdown arrow

== 1.0.4 - 15 July, 2020 ==

- Fix: Cart items count when item is added or removed
- Enhanced: Support for sytem font along with google fonts
- Added: Some color options
- Added: Currency switcher

== 1.0.3 - 28 March, 2020 ==

- Fix: Header layout two icon colors when header is fixed

== 1.0.2 - 15 Jan, 2020 ==

- Added: Instagram widget added
- Tweak: Mobile menu
- Tweak: Basic styling
- Removed: Twitter Bootstrap 4 grid classes

== 1.0.1 - 16 Dec, 2019 ==

- Added: Product deal widget
- Added: Grid Offer widget
- Fixed: RTL CSS
- Fixed: Basic styling

== 1.0.0 - November 27, 2019 ==

- Initial release

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. Hope you will find your answer quickly here. If you think you didn’t found your answer below kindly reach us from support page. 

It depends on you. If you like our support, updates & upgrades you can renew your licence key after a year. Licence key renewal process is not automatic & you need to do it manually after you receive your licence key expiration email from us.

If your licence key is not active you wont get theme updates, upgrades & support.

Absolutely yes, all premium features will just work fine even if your licence key is expired. Only future updates, upgrades & support will be disconnected. 

Yes, you will get 30% discount while you renew your licence key. Let’s assume if the price of theme is $49, while renewing your licence key you should pay around $34 

You will receive licence key in your email that you will be using during checkout along with the file download permission. You can also get your licence key from “My account > Orders > Licence manager”

You can renew your licence key from ” My account > orders > licence manager “

You will get download file at your email along with the licence key. Make sure you check SPAM folder too. You can also download file from ” My account > downloads ”  

Updates ensures you are secure & bug free. WordPress is updated at-least once in a week, we update themes to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. Our updates are not limited to just compatibility, we add different new features too.

No, we do have seperate licence key type for that. Orchid Store Pro plugin won’t work if you do not enter a valid licence key. 

Big No. Please keep in mind, many fake nulled or similar website these days claims to have original latest & updated version theme file that we have currently. Please ignore such sources & do not buy from them. Be aware & keep yourself safe from those frauds. If we sell our products from reputed marketplace like envato, creative market, mojo marketplace you will notice author as us.

If you have pre-sales or post sales questions kindly feel free to contact us from support page by clicking here.



When purchasing any product or services with us you are covered with seven days money back guarantee. Any refund claimed with-in seven days of purchase will be honored according to our refund policy. All refund claims will be treated according to the refund policy.

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